Humorous History

As a complete polar opposite of Morbid History, this is the much lighter side of the historical geeky spectrum.  A belief that I firmly stand behind is that education in history should be fun and exciting rather than droll and nose-picking.  Humor is not only a fun way to learn but humor can actually help you remember knowledge that will most likely in no way help you with your social life or your ability to pick up chicks.  But by dammit it is fun!  So sit back and enjoy these marvelous historical articles written for the love of history!

Corsets : Novelty Or Necessity

Absinthe : The Green Fairy Was A Fluke!

The Irish And Why Victoria Hated Them

Victorian Fashion : To Bustle Or Not To Bustle

Victorian Remedies : Of Course It’s Safe!

Victorian Era Christmas Traditions

Victorian Inventions Vol. 3 : The Awkward Cycle Years

Victorian Inventions Vol. 2 : Safety Is Not An Option

Victorian Inventions : What Could Go Wrong?


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