Strictly Steampunk

Even though I have long since departed my desire to demonstrate in a completely Steampunk theme I find that I refuse to break from my interest in it all together.  I don’t really have that sort of thrill for the genre anymore but I will admit I am still frightfully fascinated by it’s rich history and the fabulous adaptations one can derive from it.  I have mingled with many “hardcore” Steampunkers (if you like) and have been met with too much negative involvement.  For this I am upset.  Many times on social media sites I have stood up for the artistic style of Steampunk and I have been only met with criticism from none other than enthusiasts themselves.  So be it.

Listed below are my articles from Pennington Edition with which I am proud to say are my opinions and research done for Steampunk.  I know that many of you will probably disagree with many of the aspects that I say but I wonder if you are all patient enough to hear me out on this.  I understand that no one will ever agree on absolutely everything but no one is omniscient, no one is right or wrong, and no one has the right to tell anyone otherwise!  As a result, I shall continue to discuss a subject with which I still respect whole-heartedly since art and imagination are not designated to the special few.  And my message to all Steampunkers out there:  There are no rules to Steampunk!  That is what makes it fun!

Steampunk Movie Invasion!

Steampunk Fashion : From Confusing To Extreme

Steampunk Inspired Music Videos

New Year Soirees That You Might Not Have Thought Of

A Very Steampunk Christmas

Steampunk Concepts : For the Future, Look to Yesterday

Steampunk Musical Artists Volume 2

Abney Park : Steampunk Mayhem

Dirigibles of the Golden Age : From History to Steampunk

Steampunk Muiscal Artists Volume 1

Steampunk : The First Overview


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