Morbid History

I know that there are many aspects about history which many people would sooner forget then learn.  I know that learning about modern day murders and slashers is not only depressing but kind of uncomfortable.  But there is something about the 19th Century that pulls you in.  Stories, myths, legends, and most importantly, reality focusing in the 1900’s seems almost romantic as opposed to horrific.  I mean, have you ever stopped to look at a dead animal before?  Me neither!  But if you were a Victorian, that was sensational news!

He is the starting collection of a series of writings about the morbid things that happened in that century.  For a person living today, I would not like to witness executions and I certainly would not like to tour an asylum for giggles.  But for someone in the 19th century, this was not only fascinating but an event that beat out Sunday afternoon tea with Aunt Bessy and her entourage of basset hounds!

Morbid History : The Art of Morbidity

Morbid History : Lizzie Borden

Morbid History : Burke and Hare

Morbid History : Jack the Ripper

Morbid History : Gothic Horror

Morbid History : The Victorian Art of Mourning

Morbid History : Spiritualism


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