Steampunk Movie Invasion!

As many of you know Steampunk is everywhere!  I know I just jumped to my point without witty commentary or back-handed jokes because it is stating a fact!  It is hard to watch something nowadays and not see it’s science fiction, historical or alternate reality influences in at least some aspects!  It’s bizarre really because once you’ve become a fan of something doesn’t it seem like it starts popping up everywhere you turn!?  You never noticed it before but then you say, “Oh!  They took that from Verne!” or “They pulled that out of Dickens!”  Sometimes the movie surprises you and makes your day.  While others…well, let’s just say that you at least gave it a shot…of whiskey and then you cried yourself to sleep blaming the stars for whatever madman thought that up yet you watch it a second and third time thinking maybe you missed a plot line or character development that would force it all to make sense in the end.  But to no avail.  Still, give yourself a pat on the back for being sensible enough to try!

This is a very short list of movies which I believe have great potential as being influenced by Steampunk even if in minor ways.  The set, the props, the story, the costumes…let your imagination run wild and open your mind to anything.  Some I found recently while others I had seen years before I even knew what Steampunk was!  Enjoy!



One of the most stunning movies I have seen in many, many years!  The story and emotion of the actors totally steals this Scorsese film but the beautifully crafted industrial pieces give the movie a nostalgic feel.  Though the movie is based in the 30’s, it is a powerful historical story based on George Melies and his iconic and masterfully famous science fiction film Le Voyage dans la lune (A Trip To The Moon) 1902.  and if you like the movie you should read the book!

The Three Musketeers

Not the Keifer Sutherland version (though I love that version) I’m talking about the recent one!  I only need to prove this movie as having strong Steampunk influence by describing one thing…Spanish Galleon dirigibles…this says awesome!  This is the first movie that dared venture that far into Steampunk!

Sucker Punch

I actually love this movie since it is a diabolical modge podge of everything anybody would want to put in an action movie!  The premise is fabulous and the truth is there is a limitless plethora of imagination in the human mind…you just need to get admitted into a psychiatric facility and suffer a lobotomy in order to tap it!

Sherlock Holmes

I had reserves about this movie since it was a Guy Ritchie movie, but I find it to be fascinating and very enjoyable!  And how intelligent it really was!  The idea that this is a Stempunk movie is not entirely true, but it has so many wonderful elements that one can enjoy from that aspect.  And the machine…how diabolical!

Van Helsing

A culmination of Bram Stoker, Mary Shelly, and Robert Lewis Stevenson which rocked the world of classic horror fiction adapting it to modern times.  The wonderful mechanical weapons and a twist on the classic story proves to be an entertaining ride that bounces from Paris, to Romania, to Budapest and slams you down to a intriguing climax.

The Golden Compass

In my opinion a truly beautiful movie…with a messed up story!  An orphan who doesn’t know her parents but her parents are there and one is a bit psycho and tries to “tear” children away from their demons and murderous talking polar bears… nope, I see how this movie is totally legit!  But on the Steampunk side this movie is rife with lovely mechanical devices and a interesting supernatural plot!  Just want to slap the poor girl!  You have a British accent and somewhat of a decent upbringing!  Stop talking like you grew up in a slum gang!

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Two words: Captain Nemo!  Other than that, this was at least an interesting movie.  Think about pulling all of your favorite Victorian fiction characters out of their predestined stories, having them all meet up, and having them fight the brilliant Moriarty!  Even Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer made an appearance!   Though this movie was totally set up for a sequel with the lightning and the ground shaking thing…we have yet to have another movie.

Treasure Planet

An oldie but a goodie!  This story is another Stevenson adaptation that springs science fiction into the classic treasure hunt.  For the year this movie came out it was highly unappreciated at the time since it didn’t have singing mermaids, transforming beasts, or glass slippers but it has slowly accumulated a following.  The story stays basically true to the book but with a flying airship and a mechanical planet of treasure!

Iron Sky

Soooo…Nazi’s were just hiding on the dark side of the moon all along eh?  Just chillin’, waiting for the chance to come on back down to Earth.  So this is one of those movies I really didn’t see coming but it’s entertaining if you love history…and if you love history and like driving nails through your eyes at someone butchering reality.  If that’s the case then go for it.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

What a bizarre movie for period confusion!  You don’t really know what time period it takes place in but I honestly don’t think I cared.  I enjoyed this movie a great deal.  It stars Emily Browning who plays on another movie on the list, Sucker Punch.  I find it to have certain Steampunk elements since the period costume and complicated machines employed in the movie kind of don’t make sense but it’s an afterthought to the rest of the movie.  It’s fantastical, almost a bit unrealistic but worth at least one shot!

Around the World in 80 Days

I don’t think I can show how much I appreciate Jackie Chan.  I truly enjoyed this movie since it was everything Steampunk should be!  Love, adventure, old world travel and a hell of a good time!  His house alone is worth it!  I mean…it is Jules Verne!