Moving In A New Direction

Well, it happened.  Something of an anomaly hit the company and ship has changed course so to speak.  Generally, Pennington Trading House was supposed to incorporate Steampunk, Victorian and all the things that universe encompasses.  But we’ve hit a snag.  Looking back into our inventory and designs Jackie realized that we had next to nothing that resembled Steampunk… something that worried her.

What had happened?  What did we miss?

The answer is unfortunate and simple.  We haven’t really done any Steampunk because of our lack of enthusiasm with extreme Steampunk.  Not to say we don’t have enthusiasm for this culture!  We think it is beautiful and wildly fun…but were we demonstrating it to our fullest potential?  Not really.

The last article we wrote on Steampunk Fashion made us receive an incredibly wretched slap to the face from the Steampunk community with which we participate.  We felt like we were voicing our opinions and were told quite forcefully yet politely that we had no say in it at all.  Of course this is not the reason why Jackie has decided to change direction and we will all still have our opinions on Steampunk since I don’t believe in being bullied out of anything.  We just felt it was a sign that maybe we should focus our professional strength onto something more in our own comfort zone.

We still have every intention of participating in the Steampunk community as we have done so for the last four years…but the business will now turn into another direction.  We enjoy Steampunk and hope that all the readers will continue to contribute to the blog and facebook since it will still be a major source of creative inspiration to Jackie and the rest of us.