Steampunk Inspired Music Videos

My, my, my…how I have neglected this blog!  I feel a bit responsible (as I should I suppose) for the lack of upkeep.  However, considering the lengthy absences of some other fellow bloggers…I feel no guilt, no remorse…really, I feel just fine actually!

As I was corralling though my tumblr (yes, I regrettably have one) I was dumb struck by a video that was on someones site that had nothing to do with Steampunk (or anything at all for that matter) except this little gem.  As I understood from the comments and quaint little doodles that other readers put on…most had no idea what beautiful visuals this video had! Science Fiction music videos I’ve seen.  Fantasy, horror, sappy, romantic, silly, kinky, IQ dropping, my God where are the last few minutes of my life and how can I steal them back, and flat out stupid…but not a great deal of steampunk!

Thus, I began my quest.

Yet I am vague!  What quest you ask?  A quest for the unique, the unheard of steampunk inspired music video performed by what steampunk enthusiasts would call non-steampunk!  Those particular music videos which possess at least one of the following:

  1. Gears and cogs (this one should be obvious to everyone by now!) Since this is a staple…a definite staple of steampunk themed…anything!
  2. Clocks or timepieces.  I fear this may also be coined as a definite steampunk by some…but not so.  I have a few as an example later.
  3. Dirigibles.  I do love a well designed dirigible!
  4. Trains also make for a good steampunk themed video.  I mean…the first trains were steam…and it’s “steampunk”…
  5. A damsel in distress.  I just find it romantic and classical fiction.
  6. But the main thing all these artists have in common is that they are NOT steampunk oriented bands.  This is either the first attempt at a steampunk video, they have nothing better to do with their day, their girlfriends thought it was cool, or someone finally saw From the Earth to the Moon (which one of them did!) and realize it’s genius!

And so I searched…and I found.

David Guetta (feat. Nikki Minaj) – Turn Me On

This is the video that inspired this particular blog!  At first, you’re drawn in by the anatomically correct mannequins…then, though the mannequins still have most of your undivided attention, you see Nikki and her fabulous Steampunk getup!  She is walking in Jack the Ripper London while faceless gents sport bowlers and axes!  Brilliant!

Panic! At the Disco – The Ballad of Mona Lisa

Another quite recent video!  I love the old timely feel to this video in that it has so much going on and tells a very macabre story.  As a matter of fact, I believe this band looked up “steampunk” and did everything Wikipedia told them to do!  I really do find this video intriguing with lots of wonderful steamy imagery!

Justin Bieber – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

I know!  No one is more surprised than I am!  Bieber?  Really?  Well, he did it folks.  And the sad thing is it isn’t all that bad!  As far as steampunk goes…he did better than most!

Eisley – The Valley

This one’s a little on the cusp for me.  The theme is like steampunk exploded and then they tried to salvage what they could…and…and…it’s a lot to take in.  Not a bad video but definitely over-conceptualized.  A good example of how you could abuse steampunk.

U-KISS – Tick Tack

A Korean band…with very pretty boys.  Though the only steampunk visible is a large clock in the background…but to hell with it!  They’re dancing Koreans!

Alkaline Trio – Help Me

I was reading a little about this video and it turns out Kat Von D is the damsel in distress…yeah, I don’t think that works out but that’s me.  The conceptual designs for the devices are spectacular!

Nightwish – The Islander

Who else saw the Da Vinci helicopter design in the front?  This video almost reminds me of Up.  I do love the pendulum dirigible looking devices at the start!

IU – You and I

One of the coolest steampunk looking videos!  She is also Korean and this is such a beautifully made video!  The story flows slowly and dreamily…just a very gorgeous interpretation of steampunk!

AC/DC – Rock N’ Roll Train

Imagine my surprise when I saw this band come out a very clever looking steampunk video!  It’s AC/DC…I don’t think I need to explain.  They could do a music video based on a soylent green Barbarella Star Wars light saber and people would swoon!

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – Helpless Corpse Enactment

A newly discovered band on mine.  The name kind of throws me off…as does the sound.  The corpse guy would be perfect for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter!

The Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight, Tonight

“A Trip To The Moon ” based on Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon inspired video and since that inspired Steampunk, we have come full circle!  Though this video is rather old by music standards…it is absolutely stunning!  I haven’t seen a video like this since!

Ben Lovett – Eye of the Storm

This is the only song on this list that actually screams steampunk at the top of it’s lungs across a tarmac at 5 o’clock traffic!  If you had no idea what it was before…just watch, it’s perfect!

If anyone knows of any more, please share!  I am most curious to see what other people believe are steampunk music videos  performed by non-steampunk artists!



  1. Thomas Dolby’s “She blinded me with science” seems to me to be one of the first steampunk video… I think it was in the early 80’s… (81 I guess)… Also Trent reznor’s NIN excellent video clip nammed : “Perfect Drug”…. Well they are no steampunk artists but those clips are real gems…

  2. Eye Of The Storm has 242,000 hits on Vimeo and 444,596 on YouTube.

    Interesting recent fact: One of the characters in the movie CHRONICLE name drops “Eye Of The Storm” in the movie…saying (while he was being questioned on what he was filming with his video camera)..he says… “It’s Not Like Eye Of The Storm!

    “Eye Of The Storm” is an official Honoree of the 2012 WEBBY AWARDS! The Webbys are like the Oscars of the Internet. Congrats to all our pals at Soapbox Films !!!

    Cool Behind The Scenes stuff:

    Eye Of The Storm (Behind The Scenes)

    Eye Of The Storm (VFX Side By Side Comparison)

    Eye Of The Storm (Progression Reel)

    Mike Info on Ben Lovett:

  3. Tonight Tonight by Smashing Pumpkins is probably my fav out of all these. I’ve never seen the Eye Of The Storm videos…Interesting. My other recommendations are Abney Park – Steampunk Revolution, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing – Brunnel and Frenchy and the Punk – House of Cards
    Abney Park
    Frenchy and the Punk
    The Men:

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