Steampunk Musical Artists Volume 2

I bet that not one of you readers would have guessed that I love concerts and music quite a bit.  I just recently returned from Atlanta to see a concert at CenterStage and to my utter surprise, nay…my astonishment one of the musical artists in my second listing of Steampunk artists will be performing there very soon.  And to my complete shock nestled with my utter astonishment other people in the crowd were just as excited about it as I was!  This has given me hope and happiness knowing that my small world just became a whole lot bigger.

So anyway…I see your curiosity has lead you back here did it not?  That’s quite alright.  I don’t believe that curiosity always killed the cat…I believe stupidity did that and to have someone give you a little schooling every now and again cures that.  Therefore, let your curiosity run rampant…just don’t try it while running around the forest naked smothered in chocolate syrup while singing Celine Dion…since there is a whole lot of stupid being done right there.  I don’t care what your reasons were behind it just stop it before a squirrel ravages your leg.

Back to the Steampunk!

1. Johnny Hollow – I recently found this band from a Steampunk thread and I love them!  The female vocalist (Janine) voice is so ethereal.  Some enthusiasts don’t really think of them as Steampunk but I beg to differ.  Their album cover looks remarkably Steampunk to my eyes.  The band started as design and sound effects and moved up from there.  There song “Superhero” happens to be one of my favorites.  What I got out of it was an fantasy reality of war lords or aristocrats looking down on the destruction they caused.  All I know is one of their inspirations was Depeche Mode and that is really enough for me.

2. GHOSTFIRE – So good they had to be in caps!  This is a UK band that is categorized as Industrial but their members say Steampunk. A very impressive song is called “The Last Steampunk Waltz” which is described on the bands main website as “Originally named ‘Calibernus’, this song is about the sword Excalibur and her inexorable link to the earth and forces of nature, as discussed in the legends of King Arthur. It was renamed in honour of steampunks from across the UK who got up and waltzed so finely to it at last year’s Asylum event.”  Any song that can stimulate a waltz out of anyone in the 21st century has my kudos.

3. HUMANWINE – This band was suggested by one of their readers and I must say they are unique even by Steampunk standards.  For one the band has something of a “rotating line-up” and also their name is a long anagram that stands for “Humans Underground Making Anagrams Nightly While Imperial Not-Mes Enslave” so that explains a lot right?  A very good song of theirs is “Rivolta Silenziosa” which sounds much like a polka or waltz of some type.  And strangely enough I cannot identify that flute noise.  Anyone?

4. Emilie Autumn – And this is the artist I mentioned earlier at the beginning of the post. This one is severely successful and has branched as a Victoriandustrial performer.  That’s right, she made her own genre which sticks close to Steampunk in that she uses burlesque and focuses on the Victorian era.  After first hearing “Opheliac” I became an instant fan.  So even though there might not be a plethora of gears of just not enough clocks for your hardcore Steampunk tastes just please remember that Steampunk can be interrupted by anyone how they see fit.  I don’t like labeling bands for just their use of futuristic steam trains or their ability to sing about dirigibles because that would be a waste of talented bands.
5. The Clockwork Dolls – Now here is a band that shows just how Steampunk women can get! Their sound is very storytelling and even more theatrical than most other bands.  This impressive group’s most epic piece, that I’ve heard, is called “Impartial (The Battle)” which is so incredibly poetic and includes many Steampunk themes such as cogs and machines.  Truly this band are wonderful composers if you’re trying to veer away from the electric guitar for a bit.
6. Vermillion Lies – Such tongue and cheek!  And I have a feeling that most bands will have a waltz-like sound to them as well.  This lovely duo are essentially cabaret performers using old circus themes and folk rhythms to carry their amazing wit to the masses.  As of right now the duet have put themselves on hiatus but their music is still so much fun to listen to.  One of those wonderfully amusing songs is “The Astronomer” which uses such double entendre as “Milky Way” to refer to…and…well, just listen to it for yourself.  You will not be disappointed!

7. Hellblinki – To describe this band (cause my words are weak after having heard them) I took an exert from their page that says “Hellblinki combines European and American folk music, with punk rock experimentation and guerrilla operatics. They have been described as “Pirate Blues” “Dark Cabaret” and “The Dark Aristocrat of The Underground Movement”  The lyrics are philosophical, the tunes are odd and catchy, Hellblinki ushers the audience into a grinningly sinister world, not quite like our own.”  I just finished watching the video for the song “Breaking Everything”.  It has been a long time since I heard that wiggling the saw sound that they had for old science fiction movies…or a Thereon either one.  That was cool!  The female singer has an INCREDIBLE operatic range and that makes the deep voice of the male lead even creepier when they are combined.

8. The Dresden Dolls – Three words: “Coin Operated Boy”.  I don’t think I need to describe how cool that even sounds.  Yet another duo on the list, The Dresden Dolls are yet another cabaret band who really wanted to remain out of the “goth” title.  Their shows are insanely visual and have many performance artists taking part in the shows.  The aforementioned song above is also very tongue and cheek and shows a story of a woman comparing her “coin operated boy” to the other men whom have tried to win her affections.  The song is catchy and one of my absolute favorites!

9. The Absinthe Drinkers – Wow! Does this man have a mustache! Not exactly my favorite Steampunk band since I don’t think they have a fluid musical type but their here cause they are Steampunk, good or bad.  From what little information I can gather, the band is eclectic in their musical styles and derive most of their lyrics from literature.  There are bongos involved.  Anyway, if you can find their videos on the internet try to find “Flirtation and Two”.  It’s not too bad and it is rather entertaining once you start to listen past the bongos.

10. Life’s Decay – A French band!  That’s right!  UK and now France!  At first, I thought it was an emo band based on the name, but they are retro.  Another one of those bands that you have to strain your imagination to see them as Steampunk.  I say a very subdued Steampunk.  Their style is so hypnotic and lovely that it’s a band to lay around and listen to.  Their song “Descene” is very melodic and soothing though I’m still not sure if that is what the band intended it to be.  But if you want some deep philosophical meaning out of it than learn French cause that is the only way.


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